MacBook Air. Thinnovation.

So, this is what was in the air; the [MacBook Air](, an ultra-portable and ultra-thin laptop introduced yesterday by Steve Jobs during the Macworld conference [keynote](

MacBook Air

The laptop design is quite impressive; it’s so thin, that it can fit into a [manila envelope]( It’s also a great piece of engineering, being able to reduce every component to a ridiculous size (from the processor to the motherboard).

Since every tech/geek website is talking about it, I won’t go into the details; I’m sure you won’t have trouble finding more information about it. Read on the following articles.

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* **UPDATE** [MacBook Air Unboxing Photos and Wireless Booting]( (MacRumors)

### Early Critics

The MacBook Air has been immediately criticized — for its lack of optical drive, its lack of power and its price. Actually, it’s the same story for every product Apple does — is it a bit of jealousy because their product sells anyway?

The MacBook Air has been designed for a [niche market]( and it is not (yet) for the masses and there is **[nothing wrong](** with that. Actually, if it’s not the computer you need or your can’t afford, then nobody forces you to buy it. Apple sets their own rules for their own products, who can blame them for that?

What I think more interesting though, is that the Apple’s world (from product to services) is going completely wireless. In that regard, removing the optical drive is a smart move — they did the same trick with the floppy drive five years ago, and do you miss it?

Delivering software and content to computers has drastically changes over the past years (it will continue to do so) and it’s time for hardware to make a leap forward and get rids of its legacy; Apple knows how to do that.

### Keynote Roundup

Steve Jobs also announced quite a lot of stuff during the keynote, such as [Time Capsule]( — a nice wireless backup solution —, iTunes Movie Rentals, [Apple TV 2.0](, iPhone and iPod Touch software upgrade.

Ars Technica has pubished a complete [keynote roundup](, you should check it out.

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