TwitterDroid Public Alpha Released

The first public alpha of TwitterDroid is out. [TwitterDroid]( is a clone of [Twitterific]( designed for [Android](

As Android is not yet available on hardware, TwitterDroid only runs in the emulator provided with its [SDK](; so it might be a bit tricky to install the app for now.

### Installation

After you’ve downloaded and unpacked [TwitterDroid](, you’ll have to install the package using the following command line

$ adb install twitterdroid-0.1.2.apk

You’ll find `adb` in the `tools/` folder of the Android SDK; refer to the documentation to get more information about how to install applications.

TwitterDroid Install

Next time you’ll run the emulator, TwitterDroid will be available in the application folder.

### Features

TwitterDroid is an early alpha release so it doesn’t do much but gets the job done.

* Log into any Twitter account and save preferences
* Display expanded tweets of your friends timeline
* Post a tweet to your timeline
* Display a waiting spinner when sending and fetching tweets
* Refresh the tweet list
* Catch connection errors and display an alert
* Use the black theme of Android

Download [TwitterDroid 0.1.2]( Enjoy.

**UPDATE** (Aug. 04, 2008): TwitterDroid is [now in open source](

**UPDATE** (Nov. 14, 2008): TwitterDroid is now officially [hosted at GitHub.](