WWDC07 Keynote, First Impressions

I was excited like a kid waiting for an ice cream. I’ve been reading religiously the live transcript of the WWDC07 keynote at 1pm… but in the end I was disappointed.

Steve Jobs demonstrated a polished version of Leopard but the core features were the one we already knew about… for one year. I guess we’ve been expected far too much this time.

Leopard Stacks

Leopard is still amazing make no mistake about that. Here is a quick list of the features introduced by Steve Jobs:

* a consistent theme across applications (brushed metal is [gone](http://daringfireball.net/2007/06/brushed_metal_leopard));
* a fancy new dock with the ability to stack windows;
* an iTunes-like new Finder with cover flow to browse visually your files;
* a quick way to search for files on remote computers using Spotlight;
* an instant previewer called QuickLook;
* plus the classic iChat Theater, Core Animation, Spaces and Time Machine.

Maybe the thing that surprised everybody was the announce about Safari 3.0 running on Windows — as a mean to expand its market share. I don’t buy it.
It’s more likely because of the iPhone.

Steve Jobs said that “no SDK is required” for the iPhone because of Safari; developers have everything they need to build Web 2.0 + AJAX apps — if you can call that “apps” — so Windows developers would need the platform to test their web app on. John Gruber wrote an [interesting post](http://daringfireball.net/2007/06/wwdc_2007_keynote) about how Apple could earn more money by putting Safari on Windows because of Google deals with browser manufacturers.

No iLife 07, no new hardware or any Google/.Mac integration rumors were actually announced. Ok, the WWDC is a developer conference so it might not be the good place to talk about that. Anyway, I guess we’ll have more information about the very core changes in Leopard as developers dig into the beta.

After all, Steve said that 300 features have been included in Leopard and he showcased only 10 of them. That said Leopard will be a great release and I’ll upgrade as soon as it is available (in october 2007).

I guess we’ve been used to eat good food for the last 3 years.

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