How to Solve DRM Issues With a Digital Signature (update)

*This is an update to my post [How to Solve DRM Issues with a Digital Signature]( published in February 8th, 2007.*

In my previous post I suggested a simple and fair solution to solve issues with lock-in DRM: digitally sing purchased songs but let users use them freely.

iTunes Plus

About one month ago, Apple announced the availability of DRM-free songs for the EMI label. The feature called “iTunes Plus” and released this week allow you to buy and upgrade songs to a better quality (256 kbps) without lock-in DRM.

It’s a great more but DRM-free doesn’t mean that you don’t have any responsibilities with the song you purchased. iTunes Plus songs are actually *[digitally signed with your name](
)*, exactly like e-books.

I do think Apple took the right decision. This is a fair solution that would keep everybody happy.